006.7 EKGO STREET DATE: 9/23/12 – or – My first post!

Today I am 40 and I have decided this is the decade in which I become a writer. May as well since I write all the dang time anyway and I should do something with all those words falling out of me, n’est pas?
“Why a blog and not a book or some magazine articles,” you ask? (Pretend you asked that)
Well, I’ve already written a couple of articles and I’ve got a few bajillion books started or in various stages of finishment. However, I think a blog could be a good exercise in keeping things concise, for working on my actual writing skills, and in finding my voice. It is my great hope that by practicing here, I can finish some of those few bajillion books.
Aaaaand, I like to tell stories. Actually, I LOVE to tell stories. A blog seems like a natural storytelling space. We’ll see if it works.

Here’s my plan. I’m not saying it’s a good one, it’s just what I’m using to get off the ground:
1. Post once a week. Probably at the beginning. Maybe. I guess that depends on what you consider the beginning of the week. I consider Monday the beginning. And Monday is often unpleasant and difficult so maybe I won’t get around to posting until Tuesday. Don’t hold me to anything, this is not a legally binding contract. This is just my vague plan and it’s only in place in my head (and here) to try to keep me on track and focused. Let’s just move on already.
2. Post only on the following topics:
My Adventures to include those that happen in my own backyard or while I’m housesitting as well as adventures abroad
Tales from Toiletopia. A few people already know this: I LOVE toilet stories. I have great ones and I enjoy those told to me by others. Potty humor just cracks me up! Because I am a 12-year-old boy, apparently.
My journey to writerhood. I don’t imagine there will actually be too many posts about this topic, but you never know. Crazier things have happened.
My Dearly Beloveds. All the fun stuff about friends, family, and my cats or any future critters who join our circus.
My Phenomenal Fake Life. This will be about the amazing things that happen in my life, only it’s the life that only exists in my imagination.
My Opinions On Stuff. Probably reviews on books and movies. Maybe thoughts on video games. Who knows. I’ve already got a whole slew of book reviews up on Goodreads, so maybe just general things that entertained me. Or maybe this is where I’ll go all ranty and stuff. Who really knows at this point.
3. Posts will have a one page limit. Except for full-on stories or things that need lots of words, I’m going to try to keep my posts to a page in length. A Word document page, I mean. That’s, what? Around 450ish to 700ish words, depending on spacing?

And…that’s about it, I think. Well, it’s good enough for now, at any rate.

I welcome myself to the blogosphere. Wish me luck!Here, have a sundae.


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10 responses to “006.7 EKGO STREET DATE: 9/23/12 – or – My first post!

  1. Yay! You’re digital!
    Happy birthday and happy bloggery! I love you!

  2. Woo hoo! I like that you have a specific category for toilet humor–I highly suspect all brilliant writers are secretly 12 year-old boys, at least in part. Can’t wait for more! Especially stories about your cats. Nothing touches my heart like neurotic animals 🙂

    • I LOVE Sam’s potty stories so I wanted to do them, too. And I have so many good tales from the toilet already; it’s like this topic is pre-written! Well, kind of.
      I will make sure to write lots of stories about my sweetheart precious angel babies (the cats. I worry they’re reading this so I will call them nice things in hopes they don’t exact revenge upon me) and the stories will have pictures. Some of the pictures will be gory. It’s going to be awesome.

  3. Crap! I owe you an email too. Sorry! The days have been flying by.

  4. Welcome!

    T minus 4 posts until boredom?

  5. paisleyglen

    I am excited about reading all of your blog, too. It took me a minute to find the archives button, but I’m here now. ❤

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