And a good weekend was had by all

Gabe & I completely successed this weekend until it couldn’t breathe. No, seriously, we were like superheroes of accomplishment. I am so impressed with us that I moved the post I’d planned to put here to another day just so I could take some space to brag. Before I start the braggery, though, I’d like to mention we had our first snow this past Friday. It wasn’t a storm or anything but there was a dusting of small white sleety frost-pebbles on the ground and it was frickin’ cold out. Saturday called for more of the same, yet it was all bright and sunny when we got up which was exciting for us because we had a big day planned: we were going to get the Halloween decorations out, get the house staged to be pimped, and then we were going to get my mom and head out to the farm to pick pumpkins. We were all, “Yay! It’s not going to be cold while we pick pumpkins after all!” only then the clouds started looming around 11:00 am and by the time we got out there at 12:30, it was cloudy and moist in the air and it was bitter. That didn’t stop us, though.

Gabe’s first (of many) success!

We brought home 20+ pumpkins. 10 are for carving, 4 were for the neighbors, and the rest are for decoration (I want to do this) Anyhow, we got home with our giant pumpkin load and unpacked them all over the house, giggling and cavorting like…well, morons, really.

All these pumpkins belong to me…and they take up my space so I’ll need to sit in the people seat.


We were cold. I made stew and Gabe made bread and we watched “Ghostbusters” because it’s important to get into the…eh heh heh…spirit of the season. Afterward, I finished making Halloween cards while sipping my spiced apple cider because we’re very posh like that.

You know how I said it had snowed and was cold for two full days? Yeah, I figured that meant it was safe to fill the bird feeders and put out the suet. Turns out, I was very wrong. Hungry Bear came into our yard in the night, tore down the feeders and ate everything plus picked up the compost bin and tossed it away so to be better able to dig through the compost. That meant we had extra work to do Sunday morning! Hooray. :/

Let sleeping garlics lie.

Yes. That is a totally redneck garden border. But don’t worry! We’ll make it pretty next year. Maybe.

We cleaned up after the bear – and let me tell you, putting the compost all back together takes forever. I don’t know why, but it does. It was frosty out and it stayed cold in the shade, but the sunny areas quickly warmed and we were able to finish making a deliciously warm bed for our soon-to-be babies, which other people call garlic. We planted 50 cloves (it’s the hardnecked kind and has to sleep in the ground during the winter) plus 7 mutant cloves that might not grow. We said nice things to them and tucked them in for their long sleep. Gabe covered them with warmy-toasty leaves and we will see our babies again in the spring if all goes well.

Then we decorated the heck out of our house! Gabe worked on the inside while I worked on the outside because Gabe is not methodical like I am and he just digs through boxes, looking at stuff and it drives me nuts so I killed him and put him in the yard as a prop. Not really, but I thought about it as I strung purple bat lights across the door. Here’s the end result:

No, really, this place is totally safe and sane. Toooo-tally.

and that’s not including whatever we wind up adding on over the next few weeks. I guess with advertising like that, it’s really no surprise that we get so many trick-or-treaters.

As we drifted off to sleep in our tired and achy old bodies, we congratulated ourselves on a job well done. We completely carped the weekend!


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2 responses to “And a good weekend was had by all

  1. “so I killed him and put him in the yard as a prop.”

    I freaking love you…

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