When you’re sure, you’re NovaSure!

New and Improved with updates at the end! 3/28

Now with even MORE fabulous updates at the end! 4/17

Ok, so this is not about underarmpit deodorant.

This post is about my very own reproductive organs and it is full of Too Much Personal Information and it’s going to be gory. There are pictures and there is blood. If you’re uncomfortable knowing really personal stuff about me, about lady parts, about medical procedures, about the way a woman’s body functions, or about alien probes, then you should not read this post.

This is your last chance to get out. This is not a fun, lighthearted romp through my normal craziness. I am being serious. (No, really. I am honestly being serious)

Alright. So.
You know how I got my first mammogram? I did that so I’d be ready for my annual well-woman exam (everything is fine with my breasts, by the way). It’s been three years since my last well-woman exam because I don’t understand the meaning of “annual.” Some things have changed in the doctor’s office since 2009. One of those things: there are giant Apple monitors in the examining rooms and while you wait for the doctor, you can scroll through stuff and learn about all the things you didn’t know you wanted to know at a gynecologist’s office. It’s pretty cool, really. One of the things I learned about was a new type of ablation called NovaSure. It doesn’t require burning or freezing or scraping  to kill off the endometrial lining. It uses radio frequency waves so, pretty much,  it really is an alien probe!
What the NovaSure-trained doctor does, according to the infomercial, is sticks a hollow tube into the vagina and then shoves a little mesh thingamajig through the tube and it pops out into the uterus where it opens like a triangular-shaped flower. Then she turns the mesh on,  radio frequency waves go bzzzzzzz for about 90 seconds, she unplugs the whole thing , pulls it all back out and doneover. This is supposed to kill the lining of the uterus which falls out over the next few weeks to months, depending on how fussy your uterus is.
The point of this procedure is to reduce or even eliminate menstrual periods. This only works for women who won’t be having children and who have a definite source of birth control because it is still possible to get pregnant after this procedure and that would just be bad because without a lining, there’d be nothing for the baby to stick to and feed off of and so it would become an alien, eating the innards of the mother before bursting forth from her stomach.
That last part isn’t true, I made it up. But it sounds like a good reason not to have a pregnancy if you have no uterine lining. So to repeat: THIS IS NOT BIRTH CONTROL.
I have horrible, raging periods that are violent, bloody, and full of misery for everyone involved, which happens to be not just me. Gabe hates them because I become even meaner than usual and try to kill him for real or at least kick him out of bed and maybe out of the house simply because he’s breathing. The cats hate it because they can’t massage/stand on my boobs and I only want them around if they’re going to curl up on my abdomen, acting as furry little heat sources and since they don’t want to do that unless they can also punch me in the breast, well, there is no cuddling. For anyone.
I’ve got cysts on my ovaries and something like endometriosis and probably an alien growth around my uterus. When my period approaches, my boobs swell and become so sore, it hurts to walk. Then the small of my back begins to ache like maybe it’s broken. Then the cramps come. They’re not always bad but they’re almost always there. Every other month, or so, though, they’re horrible, so severe that I can’t stand up because being not-curled-up on my side makes me cry. I have to take muscle relaxants and they knock me out all day. I miss work, I can’t go to parties, all I do is lie there sadly and bleed. And bleed. Then I bleed some more while my guts are squished in a vice full of broken plates and knives.
The blood has become grosser than gross, just like those “What’s grosser than gross” baby jokes from childhood. What’s grosser than gross is that I bleed like a broken fire hydrant for three days but it’s no longer flowy. Now it comes in the form of clots, or slugs, as I like to call them. Giant blood blobs that are all goopy and make a mess. I go through so many tampons those first three days and I have to always wear a giant pad because there will be leaking. Then I bleed normally for the next 3, or so, days and then I spot for another 3-5 days. I average about ten days before my vagina is open for business again and you can see why Gabe would take issue with this.
So when I found out there’s a period-killing procedure, I asked the doctor about it. She said I was probably a great candidate – I have permanent birth control (Essure, also from this particular doctor), I’ve got violent periods, and it would probably relieve the pain my nasty little cysts give me every month. In addition, according to the literature, it can possibly diminish PMS so that I won’t want to cry or kill Gabe or eat entire cakes full of whipped cream when Aunt Flo(w) comes to visit. I said, “Oh, hell yes!” so right there and then, she signed me up for all the tests I needed to take to make sure  this would be safe for me. They sucked out some blood, they gave me pelvic ultrasound (the one where they stick the wand that looks like a marital aid up inside and take a million pictures. My tech was super nice and chatty so it was actually fun) and before I left the office, they were able to determine that I could benefit from NovaSure and it could easily be done on me. We made the appointment for March 7th (last Thursday) and I was excited.
Because my body hates me, my period started the day before my procedure was scheduled. I called in and they said it wouldn’t be a problem, I could “come in with or without my period” I chose with because I really didn’t have another option.
Here are all the things I had to do beforehand:

Here is the list of things I needed to do before I arrived for my appointment.

My appointment was scheduled for 12:30 pm and I had chosen NOT to eat a piece of toast that morning. Unfortunately for me and my blood sugar levels, they were running behind and I didn’t actually get onto the pseudo-operating table until 2:30 pm and was in a state of delirious starvation despite the camel-like hump of extra nutrition I like to keep on my body. Most people call it a “belly” but I like to call it my anti-starvation kit. ANYway I kept notes from the time I went into the exam room until I passed out at home hours later. Because I am a journalist at heart, you see.

Apparently, this is how it went down:

-I made sure to wear comfy clothes – leggings, shapeless dress, flats. I look pregnant so fit right in in the waiting room

-I have had only tea and am starving

-Procedure is scheduled for 12:30, I’m supposed to arrive at 11:30 so I got here at 11:15 but am still waiting

-Urine sample: complete. They want to make sure I’m not pregnant. If I am, it means it’s the end of days.

-I got a tampon full of numbing goo and am supposed to sit and let it take effect. How will I know when it’s working? Is there a test to see if my cervix is numb enough?

– 2:00 pm – I got my IV with in-the-vein ibuprofen (said the professional drug-giver), some anti-nausea liquid and other stuff. Maybe Seda-gives? They said I could bring an iPod/headphones for relaxation. I wish I’d have brought my Playaway

Ok. I know why this is labeled like this but it is not heartening to see this in the examining room. How scary is this going to be?

While I understand the purpose behind the label, it is not heartening to see in the examining room. How scary is this going to be?

I'm all ready to go. I've got an IV port and everything. I've already been filled with something like liquid ibuprofen and some other thing and...saline, but only to wash and prime the pokey hole.

I’m all ready to go. I’ve got an IV port and everything. I’ve already been filled with toradol ( I think) and some other thing and…saline, but only to wash and prime the pokey hole.

-My IV hand is cold. Will probably get hypothermia.

-Signed a bunch of release forms. Am beginning to feel strange. Hard to sign things with IV port in hand.

Here is the apparatus that will go inside me. It's just been hermetically unsealed and is ready for insertion.

Here is the apparatus that will go inside me. It’s just been hermetically unsealed and is ready for insertion.

That's my leg, there. Yes, I'm taking pictures while under the influence. I think they said I could. If they don't want people taking pictures of their own procedures, they really shouldn't allow under-the-influence patients to smuggle cameras into the room. Only, I think they knew I was just trying to help other women who want to know more about this. Or men.

That’s my leg, there. Yes, I’m taking pictures while under the influence. I think they said I could. If they don’t want people taking pictures of their own procedures, they really shouldn’t allow under-the-influence patients to smuggle cameras into the room. Only, I think they knew I was just trying to help other women who want to know more about this. Or maybe I’m helping pre-med students. I’m not sure, really.

-I’ve had a bunch of stuff put into my IV. More anti-nausea stuff. Apparently, there’s a throw-up button in my vagina and they don’t want me puking if they hit it.

-The wand thing was FREEZING COLD!

-The ceiling is moving even though my eyes are not moving. I have to look up because looking down my nose or around the room makes me too dizzy.

-Once they turned on the mesh, it hurt like hell. They said it was a contraction. If I’d have woken with cramping like that, I’d have called in sick for the day and taken my muscle relaxant. It was like SUPER BAD cramp day but it lasted 45 seconds. I guess others last up to 90. The machine starts out with a high-pitched, quick beeping but as the lining gets closer and closer to being dead, the beeping slows down and gets deeper and I guess that’s how they know when you’re done. Water spilled out. I got to watch the whole thing on a TV screen and they gave me Before and After pics.

I TOLD YOU it would be gory. This is what it looked like up inside me. She's holding it up like that, all extended, because I asked her to, not because she's wielding the probe in triumph. I have a very good doctor. She keeps her triumph on the inside.

I TOLD YOU it would be gory. This is what it looked like up inside me. She’s holding it up like that, all extended, because I asked her to, not because she’s wielding the probe in triumph. I have a very good doctor. She keeps her triumph on the inside.

The pink circles are two sides of my uterus with healthy, living, happy tissue. The white circles are the aftermath picture. There is crying and fire and stuff in there and it’s all dead tissue that can’t make menstrual blood anymore. Take THAT, body! Cramp me for 27 years, will you?

-The toradol, or whatever it was, gave me awful cotton mouth. And then the back of my throat got all raspy and dry and it started molting like a snake, or so it felt.

-They said the sedatives or whatever evil thing was in my blood, would last 20 minutes and things would be weird. Things were weird but that lasted less than ten minutes, according to the time keeper. I just felt super tired and thick tongued afterward.

-My uterus is molting

-OMG, I am so thirsty.

-Also, I am very VERY cold. I might be freezing to death.

And then, in my loopy haze, I noticed all the rest of the implements on the table. Holy hell! What were they doing down there? I don't remember any of those things!

And then, in my loopy haze, I noticed all the rest of the implements on the table. Holy hell! What were they doing down there? I don’t remember any of those things!

-They kept me there until they felt I could walk out.

-Left office at 3:30. I walked out of the office just fine, no dizziness, no acid flashbacks, nothing weird. I had very mild cramping in the car on the ride home and could barely keep my eyes open, but was starving so had to stop for soup and salad which all tasted gross, thanks to my IV fluids. Back of throat is absolutely raw.

-Have a terrible time making fingers work. Can’t spell.

And then I got home and passed out and slept until 9:30 that evening. I got up to eat, to pee, to drink some fluids and I was out again. It took another full day to wash the sedatives out of my system – and I hate feeling like that, I just hate it! – but I was otherwise fine. I rested for the 24 hours they said I had to and then I was up and around with no problems.

I read this over and over and it made sense until I stopped looking at the paper and then I forgot everything. But I double checked the next day to make sure I was aware of all this stuff and it turns out I did just fine trying to manage under the influence of liquid evil. I didn’t let them give me Vicodin because that stuff makes me hurl. I just took a lot of ibuprofen and was fine.

It’s been almost a week and I’m doing fine. Every once in a while, I feel a little twinge of not-really-pain in my uterus region, like a muscle that was stretched too far and is sore when it moves for the next several days. The only real annoyance is that I’m still bloated like a dead hippo and it’s all hard. However, because there’s no pain and there’s no blood leaking from anyplace, I’m just going to assume it’s nothing to be worried about. I’ll see what happens in the next few months; I’ve got a 6-week check-up and the literature says it takes about 3 months to heal completely. I’ll post any thoughts or findings here. Well, unless it really was an alien probe and I wind up far away in space. Or dead.

Before I sign off, I want to mention that I have the world’s best gynecologist. I adore her and wish she could be my doctor for everything because I have never met a medical professional so concerned about my well-being before. Her staff are amazing, they always take phenomenal care of me and this time was no exception. I may be one of the few women who look forward to the annual well-woman exam. Even if I don’t understand “annual.”

March 28th Update: So, it’s been, what? 3 weeks on the nose since I had my ablation. It took 2 weeks for the bloating to stop being so hard and giving me pregnancy belly. It softened up (the hard, round belly) and started receding and now, on week 3, I’m still a little gooey but it’s what it would be normally a week before my period, so I’m not too concerned. Sad, yes,. Because, though I knew it wouldn’t happen, I’d hoped my uterus would put out a message to the rest of my body saying, “Hey, we’re dead in here so don’t any of the rest of you bother.” No such luck.

I had the promised scab-colored discharge and it got really bad this past week. I was finding these…um…well….ok, pretend you wadded up some toilet paper and dunked it in coffee and then squeezed it out and tried to peel off layers but wound up with ragged clumps? I had those in my pantyliners. Some were small, some were HUGE, and I always resented not having my camera with me because I honestly would have taken a picture of the more scary ones and posted them here for all of you so everyone would know that large, jagged lumps of uterine lining are totally normal and would be able to have a visual. Because who doesn’t want to see that, right?

Other than that, there have been no complications, no problems, no oddities, no pain. I’m a week out from my next period and can’t wait to see what happens. Honestly, I’ve never been this excited to find out what’s going to happen in my undies. It’s a sad life I lead.

April 17th Update: Eight or so days ago, I had my first period since the ablation. It was like this: I broke out a bit on my face and chest, which is normal. I had sore breasts but it wasn’t excruciating so that was nice. The night of, I felt like I was gassy or had to poop and I kept going to the bathroom but nothing happened and I thought that was weird. It wasn’t enough to keep me awake in the night, though. When I got up the next day, I had two larger slug-like globs of dead uterus in my underwear and I realized the gut aches the night before had been my cramps! How cute is that? They were these tiny-little things and I didn’t even recognize them! And that was it. That was my entire period. The war that has raged between my uterus and my underwear for the past 25+ years = gone. I won. No more war.  It was AWESOME.

I finally had sex. Yes, TMI, but not in this case. I was supposed to avoid any sexual activity for 2 weeks but we gave it a month+ due to the flow of dead uterus falling out of me. Gabe was still pretty leery when I said, “Let’s just try this, shall we?” I think he didn’t want to get dead tissue on him. Or he was afraid he’d puncture something and I’d die. Actually, I don’t know what he thought, I only know he was all, “Are you SUUUURE? Positive? Because we can wait. I’ll be fine. I have video games to keep me occupied” (I made that last part up; he didn’t say that)(he probably just thought it). But it was fine. I was a little tender up around the cervical area so no deep penetration and nothing rough, but normal sex worked out just fine. I felt a little bruisey afterward and could feel it for the next day, or so, but it wasn’t anything alarming. I am assuming it will be a bit tender up there for awhile so we’ll just take it easy until everything’s healed all the way.

I went in for my 6-week evaluation today. I told my doctor I had blogged about all of this and asked if I could use her name (yeah, you’d think I’d have covered that question weeks ago, but…I didn’t) and she said as long as I’m not saying anything mean about her or her staff, all’s fair. Since I would never say anything mean about my favorite doctor or her amazing clinic, I think we’re safe. So I had this all done at the Center for Women’s Health in Englewood/Denver by Dr. Russell. I think I mentioned before that she’s the best doctor I’ve ever had. In addition, I got to have the same nurse, Steph, throughout this whole thing and I cannot tell you how helpful that’s been. Seriously, I love going to this place.  Anyhow, today, Dr. Russell gave me a quick pelvic exam, told me I’m healing up nicely and am an A+ patient, asked if I had any questions and we talked about my overall health for a little bit. And then I was done! It was that simple.

If it’s really going to be this easy from here on out, this procedure (along with my Essure) is going to be a life-changer. I won’t have to worry about travel, I won’t have to worry about missing work…it’s like I have a normal body all of a sudden and it is wonderful.

Thank you, inventors of NovaSure and thank you, Dr. Russell, Steph, and everyone else who has had to take care of me during my uterus-killing time! You guys have all made me so incredibly happy!

You can find the six-month update here.



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28 responses to “When you’re sure, you’re NovaSure!

  1. Blarg! I don’t understand the word “annual” either. It’s been about three years for me too.

    I TOTALLY know what you’re going through with the cramping and the cysting. It fucking blows bloody donkey balls, and I hate it with a fiery passion that burns my loins. Literally. When those cysts rupture, it feels like there it a tiny dragon made of razor blades and knives and other pointy things trying to escape from inside of you.
    Right now I have an IUD, which seems to help a lot. I’m too flaky to remember a pill everyday anymore, so there’s that. But it’s also helped with my periods. I almost never bleed, and when I do, it’s maybe 2 grams of blood over the course of 4 days. It’s retardedly awesome. The cramps however, still knock me on my ass WHEN I get them. I can’t even honestly remember the last time that was…

    I’m glad your Dr. let you take pictures. That’s awesome! I’ve always been morbidly curious about surgeries and whatnot. At both of my scheduled c-sections, they ended up putting up extra sheets because I kept trying to watch them through the reflection on one of the lamps.
    They thought I might freak out or try to jerk around or something. “Umm… Hello, guys? You shot me in the spine with some super duper “No You’re Not” and I can only turn my head over here!” I couldn’t even wiggle my fingers for Santa’s sake!

    Well, I hope the burning and killing of your uterus works out for you. No period is not a bad thing. I’m pretty sure that every woman on the planet who is either done having, or just doesn’t want kids would LOVE to get rid of periods without going into menopause.

    And how the fuck is menopause even fair?! That’s just more torture! It’s like Mother Nature is saying “Fuck you. Just because.” to all of us. *rabble rabble*

    • Ok, what on earth? Does WordPress hold back comments about blood and gore? Because this so did not need moderation.

      I knew you would understand and appreciate the horribleness of evil periods and bloody photographs. This is why I love you so much.

      I can’t believe your hospital retinue would not let you watch your own C-sections! WTH? It’s YOUR body, you should be able to watch it get cut open and the related alien removal if you want! Who do those people think they are??

      Yeah, I’m totally getting the jump on menopause. I figure I get at least ten years of being period-free, or close-enough-to, to enjoy myself before my hormones turn me even more psychotic than I already am! It’s like I just won a little battle that my body didn’t even know was part of the war.

      It’s sort of a shame I can’t have kids NOW because maybe I could help evolution along by having little girls who have uteruses with on and off switches. Want a baby? Turn the uterus on and wait a year while it gears up. No baby? Turn it off and keep it off and there will be no periods, no cramps, nothing. That is how it should be anyhow, actually.

      • I freaking agree. I’ve always thought that we should be able to turn it on or off at will. Our ovaries should be able to read our minds and just shut it down. Hibernation time, bitches!

        It sort of is a shame that you don’t want any offspring… They’d pick up a lot of awesome traits from you! But that’s also what nieces and nephews are for. And friend’s kids. Plus you get to send them home after you corrupt them.
        …wait. Never mind.
        I went about this all wrong. DAMN IT!


        • You’re just trying to butter me up so you can send your kids over for the summer and get a break, aren’t you? Yeah, well, I’m here to tell you it won’t work. It’s been tried before and I am VERY good at dodging that bullet.

          Also, my oldest niece? She’s a mini-me. Noelle is always, “OMG! How the HELL did I get Little Erica??” and I say, “You’re lucky. You could have gotten Little Noelle. At least you know you get along with Erica” and she’s all, “Yeah, you’re right. I would have killed a little Noelle.” So, obviously, my influence is very strong. Also, they lived with me for six months after Noelle’s divorce from her evil first husband so I got a lot of corruption in during that time.

  2. Thank you for being so open and honest… and bloody. I recently changed BC to a [should probably look the number up] years coil and I bled for about two months straight. Stupid uteruseseses. (Uteri? Uteropodes?)

    • Uterusauri?
      This should be a new drinking game, actually. It would be super fun!
      Isn’t Uteropodes a Greek tragedy? Heh heh heh, look at me being all literate and stuff.

      So your BC – is it an IUD or something similar? I’ve heard both horror stories (the bleed outs and such) and praise for those. I guess when they work, they’re a charm. When they don’t, they’re the devil.

  3. I can’t wait to hear how your period goes in a week!! And I totally would have appreciated the uterine lining pictures. (And I totally wrote a comment here a long ass time ago, but apparently the internet hates me and decided not to publish it. I can’t remember exactly what it said, but I do know that I am amazed by this procedure, and am so thankful for the all the details and visuals. It was so interesting!!)

    • Thanks! Gabe keeps insisting that NO ONE would have wanted to see the contents of my pantyliner because Gabe does not believe in the validity of science through photography and now I can prove him WRONG.
      Yeah, I’m really excited to see what happens when my period is supposed to be here. What will happen? What WON’T happen? This is worse than waiting for the next episode of Game of Thrones…or, in our case, the next set on DVD. Only that’s annual and not monthly.
      You know what I mean.

  4. Wait, so, you still got a period? Or… was it just the uterus losing its lining but without the cramps? I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!! Also, do you have to get this repeatedly? Or was it a one-shot deal? Also also, I love pain meds (probably shouldn’t write that out….) but I HATE IVs. Ugh. When I had my son, they had to put one in my hand, and they hit some kind of a flap or valve… it was ALMOST as painful as actually giving birth. Fucking needles… but yay for your uterus!!!

    • I don’t know if I’ve had my period, yet. I was having it when I had this done and I”ve been leaking dead uterus ever since, but that’s typical. It’s a one-shot deal, or is supposed to be, at least. I guess if the whole uterus didn’t die, then maybe I’d have to do it again but I don’t think that’s supposed to happen.
      Normally, my period would be lurking exactly right now but there’s nothing going on. My boobs are sore and that’s it. No cramping, the small of my back doesn’t hurt…but I will continue to monitor the situation. It would not be out of the ordinary if I had a light period this month and next. Or maybe that’s what I’ll always have, which is fine. I’ll take it. If I don’t have to buy a box of tampons every month or lie in bed pretending that I’m not dying due to cramps, I’m good!
      The uterus will continue to fall out for up to 3 months. It’s really nothing now – it’s like a tiny bit of spotting that’s just a little clumpier than spotting would be.
      I’ve done nothing to ease your confusion, have I?

      YOu can have all my pain meds. I didn’t say that out loud, though, because you’re not supposed to share those things.

      • Oh, I don’t abuse, but when I had my C-Section and they were like, “And here is your morphine drip… do you know how to use it?” I had already pressed that button like, 50 times. It was magical. Like a unicorn making me a chocolate cake.

  5. Tyler J. Yoder

    I liked this purely for the bright red warnings, and then promptly skipped to the end. I’m terrified of lady-parts. I hope that your health is good, because I totally did not read about it.

    • My health is spectacular! Unlike Rosalind, whose uterus bleeds for royal women who have babies, mine doesn’t bleed at all anymore, so BUENO! Yeah, I know, TMI, but…that’s sort of my thing. You should probably go have a stiff drink, now.

      • Tyler J. Yoder

        In process. Whiskey and lemonade with muddled raspberries.

        Which, come to think of it, puts me in mind of ladygarden moonblood.

        I’m sure that Rosalind’s magic uterus somehow indicated the baby’s sex, too. Super jealous.

  6. Peggy H

    I had a D&C prior to the Novasure procedure on Aug 2nd. Thankfully my doctor uses twilight sleep for his patients (awesome dr, he delivered all 3 of my boys). I don’t remember anything of mine, and was only out for 30 minutes. I woke up so fast I think that they put something in my IV to wake me up. I wasn’t groggy at all. So far I spotted that night and maybe a little the next day. But really nothing since. I have had one small clot pass so far. It will be interesting to see if I have a period this month. After having to always use an overnight pad, plus a tampon at least 3 days each month, I will be thankful if at a minimum I only need a mini pad or liner. I have been telling my husband for years that I want the red witch to DIE… I have read a lot of horror stories of women having this done, but since I fully trust my doctor and would never trust anyone else I am at ease. I would be interested to know how you continue with your progress and healing. Your comment about being somewhat tender during sex is helpful. Thank you for being so open about this.

    • Peggy, thank you so much for commenting! It’s wonderful to hear from another person who has had this procedure done, especially one who is not all doom-and-gloom; I’ve read a lot of horror stories, too, but I always wonder what’s really going on, what really happened. I’ve talked to one woman who hated it because her period didn’t stop all the way so she felt it was a waste of money. I asked if she still bled heavily and she admitted that she only used a pantyliner for a day or two and I thought, “Well, ok, obviously her expectations were a lot different from mine. I’d still be thrilled at just using a pantyliner…” To each her own, I suppose.
      Thank you, too, for reminding me to post my six-months update. It’s on my calendar to do this week so I will try to have it up this weekend!
      Good luck on healing and congratulations on your soon-to-be-period-free (or at least period-minor) life!

  7. Peggy H

    Can you tell me about weight gain, water retention, etc.

    • I haven’t had any weight gain in regard to the procedure. I mean, yeah, while my belly was all bloated, I was probably 3-5 pounds heavier. That lasted about a month and then all the bloat went away, so did the extra weight. I think that’s the only type of water retention I had; my ankles didn’t swell like they did when I had my period.
      It’s been six months for me, now, and I still have some period symptoms – I get a little bit bloaty but nothing like before the ablation. I don’t get swollen ankles or anything. I don’t cramp anymore. My breasts are sometimes a little tender for a day or two but, again, nothing like they used to be. I still get a bit moody, maybe a bit cry-ey, for a bit and my lower back aches but it all goes away within a day which is pretty cool.

      • Peggy H

        Well, 2 weeks post procedure. When I had my Novasure done I was mid cycle. So normally I should’ve started this week. So far nothing but a couple cramps. I am crossing my fingers that my monthly visitor has been permanently evicted. 🙂

        • Hooray!! I am happy to hear it’s working, so far! It’s been a few days since your comment – how are you feeling now?
          My six-month update comes out tomorrow (Weds the 22nd) as a regular blog post so check back in to see what you might have to look forward to!
          And again: Hooray!!!!

  8. Peggy H

    I am now 5 weeks post procedure. I am loving the results so far. I have not had what I would call a period, just a few spots and period slightly colored discharge that only lasts a couple days. This is so much better compared to what I dealt with before. Had one day of mild cramping but otherwise no pain what so ever. I encourage anyone having heavy bleeding to consider having this done by a doctor you know and trust.

    • Yay! Peggy, I am so happy to hear that!
      If you don’t mind my asking, how did you do with bloating? I was swollen in the midriff for a month, or so, I think? And then it all went away on its own. Did you experience anything like that?

      • Peggy H

        I had some bloating but it seems to be getting better. I am hoping that it will go down more. Also this should remedy the iron deficiency I was having. Hoping to get some energy back soon. Tired of not having energy to do anything after work.

        • Does your doctor have you on anything to help boost your iron; I imagine it’s going to take awhile to build back up, right?
          I complained of lack of energy and my doctor put me on a diet. I have to lose ten pounds and stop eating ALL THE CARBS! and I have to walk more. As much as I hate to admit it, it has helped.
          Getting older is stupid.

          • Peggy H

            I have not been on any meds for anything. I have been told as well to get more exercise, hard to get the ambition to do so when every step up your knee cracks.

  9. Peggy H

    Next Wednesday will be 2 months post procedure. I am loving how this has been going for me. No pains, just a few mild cramps for an hr or so when my period would normally appear. I have NOT had a period since my procedure on Aug 2nd. My only regret is that I didn’t have this done sooner. My wish for anyone thinking about having this done, don’t let some of the bad reviews you are reading scare you off. You don’t see many people post good results because they don’t really think about making the good results available, they primarily post bad results because they want their problems known. Go to a doctor you know and trust, use the information you get from YOUR doctor to help you make the best decision for you.! I wish the best for anyone having this done, and hope they have as good results as I have had so far.

    • Yay! I am so glad to hear your uterus is healing well and doing what it’s supposed to do/not supposed to do, post-procedure! That is wonderful news and I could not agree with you more – there are some horror stories out there and this procedure won’t work for everyone, but talking about it with a qualified, trusted doctor is an excellent first step in finding out if it’s the right thing for you.

  10. I’ve read this post at LEAST three times before, so I think I’ll take it as a sign I need to pause this Erica binge and go to bed.
    Errhhhh… my stomach hurts… laughed too much. I will no doubt have hilariously entertaining dreams of decapitated meese, Halloween pumpkins and you stabbing Gabe repeatedly in the face with shafts of ice.
    Nighty night x

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