My big, bloggy excuse

There’s supposed to be a blog post here about shaving cream and toilet paper complemented with more of my homemade pictures. You’ll note that this is not that post.

There’s a reason: We don’t have internet in our house.

Not even joking.

No, no, we’re not part of a cult and we’re not being all wholesome and this isn’t a sociology experiment, though you’d suspect otherwise if you also knew we don’t have cell phones (well, ok, we have pre-paid phones but we only put deposits in them when one of us will be away from home for an extended period of time). We don’t have television programming, either. We have a TV, never fear, but we only use it to watch DVDs. It’s like we’re Amish. Or stuck in 1986. Scratch that, the Amish have smart phones so they’re way ahead of us.

Not having the internet in the house is mostly fine by me because I’m on it all day at work and I don’t really miss it at home except when the world is burning down around me and I want to follow its progress on Twitter. Anyhow, I have a fine work around for my blog-making: I’ve got a tablet and it has the WordPress app so I can build an entire post, edit it throughout the week, then go to work and it will upload itself via the magic of wifi. Seriously, people, that’s how I’ve been doing it this whole time. Because I’m quite clever and resourceful (and internetless)

Only now there’s a glitch. As I whined in my last post, I’m working out of a warehouse for the summer during spatial renovations. Those left behind call our place Camp Perry. Those of us in the trenches call it The Gulag. It’s not ideal, as far as working conditions for 40-some people go, but it’s not as bad as it could be, either. Except you know what? The magic of wifi does not exist out here in the little Warehouse On the Prairie.

Last week, I left work and went to sit in the patron part of the library in order to get my post to upload. I tweaked it from there and all was well. This week, however, I can’t go to the library after work because I have plans each night. I will not have a chance to beam my brilliance from the tablet to the interworlds and so, instead, I’m using my break to write this quick, off-the-cuff post explaining why there’s nothing awesome to look at today.

Now you know. And knowledge is power and it is also the winning of half the battle (the other half, as we all know, is not getting killed)


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5 responses to “My big, bloggy excuse

  1. Someday we will best the Amish again 😦

    • I doubt it. They can build stuff, too. And they’re really good gardeners. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to even come close to touching them. Literally or figuratively.

  2. Tyler J. Yoder

    Wait, the Amish have smart phones? I’m of Amish descent, and I don’t. This is injustice on so many levels.

    I am thankful for the internet because that’s how I earn wine money and also how I’m saving to be a hobo in Europe, and also how I travel from house to house right now. I am sorry that your work is in The Gulag for the moment.

    • Yeah. The Amish have smart phones. There’s an article out there somewhere explaining how the elders always try out new things to determine whether or not the new things will be useful to the community and if they are, then they’re adopted. Turns out, smart phones have more benefits than not and so the Amish can have them. Here’s one article, though it’s not the one I’m thinking of:
      Look, there’s even a cousin of yours featured in the piece!

      • Tyler J. Yoder

        My Great-Grandfather is the one who left the community, so a very *distant* cousin, but yes. Yoder is the go-to Amish surname.

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