Shaving cream and toilet paper: Recipe for disastrous fun

Remember when Noelle and I got together and talked about our White Trash Childhood? Well, I recorded the whole thing, only not really because I erased the first half. But I have the second half and I’ve begun to transcribe some of the stories. This one struck me as something that should be illustrated so that everyone could see what we were talking about.

I am pleased to present to you my illustrated version of our memory regarding shaving cream and toilet paper, featuring Noelle and me and guest-starring Little B.

Noelle: Do you remember when we used to take Dad’s shaving cream and fill up the toilet paper and then pop it? Ohmygawd, that was SO MUCH FUN!
Erica: That was the BEST FUN EVER!


Noelle: Because it came out gel and then you put it in the toilet paper and if you touched it the right way, it got bigger and bigger…

 At this point in the story, Gabe was snickering and I had to tell him to shut up.

Noelle: …and then you squish it and alllll the…white shaving cream all over!
[What Noelle’s saying here is that you put the shaving cream in the toilet paper, wrap the toilet paper around the gel, then massage it all gently until you have a foam-filled toilet paper balloon]

Then Gabe was full on making fun of us so we both told him to shut up. He’s a perv, trying to insinuate his creepy old man ways into our pristine and sparkly memories of funtime for sisters in the bathroom.

Erica: it would just be like KABLOOIE! with the shaving cream…
Noelle: …and [it] was so fun to play with!”

Erica: …and it smelled really good!
Noelle: …yeah. Yeah, it didn’t taste good, though. It looked like whipped cream, like Cool-Whip, but it didn’t TASTE like Cool-Whip. It had a sour, horrible, gag-inducing taste.

Little B: …Why were you eating shaving cream?


Note: If you heard Cool Whip while reading, then please join us. You belong in our family.


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10 responses to “Shaving cream and toilet paper: Recipe for disastrous fun

  1. Noelle

    Those drawings look just like us! Aaaaand it does look like cool whip!

    • Hee hee hee! It’s like you’re a famous person now, right?

      I wish I had Cool Hwhip colored pens so I could have made it even MORE Cool Hwhippy looking. Then people would understand WHY it HAD to be tasted.

  2. THAT. IS. HILARIOUS! I tasted shaving cream when I was little too. That stuff is horribly deceiving! I was about 6 and had a MASSIVE handful of fluffy, white whipped cream looking substance in front of me, and thought that I had discovered a secret snacky-poo. I remember thinking how awesome it was that my mom forgot to put it away. After I had said massive amount of cream in my hand, I hid the can in the linen cupboard so that my brothers couldn’t have any of it because I was selfish with my snacks. Especially delicious ones.

    IT WAS NOT DELICIOUS! It tasted like concentrated evil, soap, and more evil. I threw up all over the bathroom floor and started crying. My mom heard this and came running in to find me curled into a ball, laying on the floor, covered in shaving cream and vomit.

    She laughed at me.

    I’m actually surprised that none of my children have tasted it.

    • Oh, hee hee hee, I am giggling like crazy right now because I KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE!
      To be fair, though, I’d have laughed at you, too.
      Bedot got a fat lip from eating Comet. Hmmm. I think that will be a story for October (her birth month) Heh heh heh
      Oh, shaving cream, you are horrible stuff but you teach good lessons to stupid, greedy children.

  3. Oh, that’s just so cute!

    • Thank you!
      I don’t think my mom thought it was cute. I mean, we tried our best to clean up so as not to get in trouble, but man, shaving cream can fly and it got to places we couldn’t reach. There was only so much we could blame on our dad before they were on to us.

  4. We never had cool whip in our house. Mom was one of those “Health Nuts”. The closest I can come to that story is when my oldest boy at 3, fed the youngest one (18 mo) some shortening because it had a picture of a pie on the front of the can. That did not end well.

    • We only had Cool Whip (well, usually the generic brand) in the house because it would go on sale for something like 2 tubs for $1.00. Mom would freeze it and try to make it last for the whole summer or what have you. It never did. There’s a reason. That’s a different blog post, though.

      BWAHAHAHA! Shortening! It’s SO deceiving. I still want to eat it especially since I see it only every once in a great while, like over at my mom’s. It looks like it should taste amazing. It does not. Joey’s the youngest, right? If I ever see him again, I’m going to call him “Lard Mouth” Hahahaha!

  5. paisleyglen

    I adore your illustrations. Love them. More, please, this instant?

    This whole post is full of amazing. Reading *this* was the best fun ever.

    • Oh, THANK YOU! ❤ But I happen to know you get up to a lot more fun than reading blog posts.
      If you scroll down and look at the tags, there's one called My Fine Art. It will bring up all the blog posts with my drawrings. You may feel free to enjoy them.

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