Evie the Editor rejects today’s post. She says come back next week and there may be something not made of crap she wouldn’t even allow in her litter box.


Filed under My Phenomenal Fake Life

6 responses to “Denied.

  1. Tyler J. Yoder

    At least you have an editor?

  2. td Whittle

    Beautiful cat … she does look a bit discriminating though. Good luck living up to what she expects of you and knows, in her little cat heart, that you are capable of achieving ^-^

    • Thank you! I won’t share the compliment with her (regarding her beauty), though; she’s quite vain and I don’t need her ego getting any bigger.
      What she really wants me to write about is her. She feels this entire blog should be devoted to her. I only know this because when I sit in my room and type my posts, she hops into my lap and then smacks the keyboard. I’m fairly certain it is her way of trying to type her name into my blog.

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