NovaSure: The not-really six-month update

Technically, I’m not at six months until Sept. 7th, but if you count this way: March (1), April (2), May (3), June (4), July (5), August (6), this update becomes totally legit.

Here is your fair warning before we begin:

This post is about my very own reproductive organs and it is full of Too Much Personal Information. If you’re uncomfortable knowing really personal stuff about me, about lady parts, about sex, or about the way a woman’s body functions, then you should not read this post.

I had my NovaSure endometrial ablation on March 7th of this year. I hereby declare that I am ridiculously happy with the results and I wish I’d have known about this earlier. Here’s a brief breakdown of what has happened (or not happened) to my uterus and some other body parts since.


Non-existent. I had one day of very light spotting two months ago, accompanied with about ten minutes of barely-there cramping. Otherwise, nada. I don’t bleed. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this is; I have not been inconvenienced by my period since I had this done and it feels wonderful. I don’t worry about going on vacation, about going to houses with septic systems (because you can’t flush tampons or giant baby wipes you may or may not have used to clean up after yourself so that your host doesn’t worry about a potential crime scene in the bathroom), about what I can wear safely. I have already saved so much money not buying feminine hygiene products, it is amazing. Actually, I think it’s a miracle.


Unfortunately, the miracle has stayed confined to my womb. I admit that after my period stopped, I thought maybe the rest of my body would follow suit – I’d stop bloating, my breasts would never ache, the small of my back wouldn’t hurt, I wouldn’t break out, I wouldn’t cry randomly, I wouldn’t crave sugar and carbs. Wait, I don’t crave carbs. But then, it’s also summer and I usually don’t want carbs when it’s hot out so my non-craving probably has nothing to do with my ablation.

Yes, I still get bloated. But it’s not the same period pooch I used to have and it confines itself to my waist. My ankles don’t swell. My breasts don’t swell but they do become tender – oddly, they are tender more often and for longer than prior to the NovaSure. Maybe my boobs are having periods for my uterus? Pitch hitting, as it were? I don’t know. If it becomes a problem, I’ll call the doctor, but at this point, it’s just something I notice more often than I used to. It could also be peri-menopause, so…I don’t even want to think about that, thank you very much.

I still have a morning or afternoon of achey back syndrome and I still have sugar cravings. My skin turns into horrorland for a few days, full of nasty little pimples and dry skin. I still get a bit moody, snappish, or I might get a bit sad for a day or two. HOwever, none of this lasts more than a day, if that long. In fact, nothing is at the level it had been; I don’t turn into a horrible monster, crippled with pain, eating everything in my path and then swelling up like the Michelin Man and kicking puppies. All of my ailments are now mild and short-lived and for that, I am thankful.


Everything is back to normal. I think it took another month after my last update for my upper vagina and cervix to completely stop being tender. Now everything is back to how it was before the procedure and I don’t notice any difference; it’s all the same as it used to be. There’s been no change for Gabe, either. It’s not like he is sad at the lack of wombly cushioning or anything; he can’t tell it’s gone. If he hadn’t have been there to drive me home afterward, he’d never know it had happened. Well, except that I don’t balloon up, bleed out, and try to stab his face off every month. He has noticed that.

Other potentially related stuff

Oddly, I didn’t suddenly drop a bunch of weight. You’d think with the uterine lining gone, I’d weigh less, but no. That didn’t happen. Yes, it’s true that I weighed maybe 5 – 7 extra pounds while healing, but those were all water weight pounds and don’t count because they weren’t there before the operation and they left with the bloat. It would have been fun to have healed up and fit back into my before-marriage clothing but…yeah, this procedure is not that powerful. Nothing else has really changed. I don’t feel any different except for the lack of blood and general PMSiness. Otherwise, I can’t tell that something happened to my uterus. It doesn’t ache, nothing is falling out of me anymore; it’s pretty much awesome. I’m just like I was before March 7th only I don’t have periods anymore.


Now, remember: I am not medically trained professional. This post reflects my opinion solely based on my own experience. Not all women respond the same way as I have to endometrial ablation and if you are considering this procedure, talk to your gynecologist first. Find out if this is the best choice for you. However, if you’d like to know more about my experience, please feel free to leave questions in the comments section; there’s nothing you can ask about my ablation and the after effects that will make me uncomfortable or embarrassed. And you might have a question that other women have been afraid to ask so speak up!


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55 responses to “NovaSure: The not-really six-month update

  1. Rosalie Keefe

    I wish I could have done this. I suffered for over 10 years until my hysterectomy. Take everything you went through and add blood thinners. The blood thinners because they first tried to remedy the situation with birth control pills which clotted me right up in my leg in about 6 months. Almost lost my leg. After that, they said, “too bad. You will just have to wait it out.” I don’t know why I wasn’t anemic. I was using two heavy duty pads at the same time on the bad days and couldn’t leave the house. My sister had the same problem without the blood thinners and had to quit work until menopause. I didn’t have time for PMS. We weren’t allowed that in my day 😉 We had to be cheerful and deal with our “problems” while taking care of everyone else. I had two teenagers at this time and sick and dying parents. I was begging them to take my uterus when they thought I might have ovarian cancer. Turned out to be an ovary full of blood but the nightmare was over. I guess, I could have waited a few more years for menopause….nah! Enough! I’m so glad they were able to find a way to help you. It sounds like a miracle to me. You made the right choice.

    • Oh, Rose, I wish this would have been invented a hundred years ago. I know so many women whose lives would have been much better had they had access to this procedure. I know I healed a whole lot more quickly than mom did from her hysterectomy.
      Still, I’m glad it’s around now, it’s easy and fairly affordable as far as medical procedures go. I’ve read some unpleasant stories about this operation but I’ve had nothing but success, so far, so Yay! Also, I think it helps that more people are understanding of various menstrual conditions; I don’t hear “It’s all in your head” nearly as often anymore and that’s good.

      • Glad novasure has changed your life . I go in next Thursday for my novasure surgrey . I’m excited and nervous at the same time . I read some good stories and bad ones . I’ve met two people already who had it done and said what the he’ll are waiting for and it will change your life . Hoping for the best even though I’m 34 .

  2. Susan

    Your posts really help me to get to know you better. This time…maybe too better 🙂

    • There is no such thing as “too better”
      Besides, one day, this information will come in handy for some reason or another and you’ll be all, “Man, I sure am glad Erica is so over-the-top with the sharing of her internal organ business.” And the day will be saved.

  3. Tyler J. Yoder

    I have learned to heed your warnings about your lady parts, mein liebling. However, I needed to comment to prove that I at least *try* to read all of your posts. Judging by the comments, I’m glad that your innards are doing better.

    • Yes, my female internal organs are doing very well and are making me quite happy. Thank you for both your concern and your support on this topic that gives you squeebie-weebies. Thank you, as well, for heeding my warnings so that you don’t have to cry in a corner for days on end, making the rest of the world miss you terribly. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved!

  4. I’m SO GLAD that your lady-bits are doing better since the surgery! It may be TMI for some, but I love and adore you to pieces, so this didn’t bother me at all. Obviously.
    It’s very unfortunate that you still have to deal with some of “the usual,” but it sounds as though, for the most part, things are going swimmingly for you.

    I can’t lie – I’m sort of jealous. I have an IUD, and it’s almost reached it’s expiry date. When I get it removed, I want to be snipped, tied, burnt, clipped, and anything else they can do to prevent another pregnancy. I have three minions. I’m good with that. The only “army” I want is that of Ninja Squirrels. Unfortunately though, as I have not yet reached the ripe “old” age of 35, I can’t get any of that done because I’m a broke B with state insurance. Which leaves me replacing the IUD with another IUD… I guess 36 will have to be my lucky number from now on, eh?

    Suits me fine, because it’s an even number.

    Which reminds me (totally unrelated, BTW) that I still have yet to tell you about my obsession with even numbers. I smell a randomly weird blog post coming on!

    • Yeah, I had no idea you had an obsession with even numbers. That’s probably as weird as me counting bathroom stalls and doing weird math to pick the one I need to us.
      What is WRONG with us?

      Your doctor is lying to you through teeth of liarliness. If you’ve got kids and you’re done and want to be fixed, DUDE! You totally can. I don’t know why anyone has told you otherwise. Colorado doctors dropped the minimum age to 32 about 10 years ago, figuring women would probably really know whether or not they wanted (more) kids by that age. But we’ve always had the “If you already have kids and don’t want more, you are welcome to spay yourself” rule. Which is nice. For people who have kids and don’t want more. It’s a shame that’s not something you can lie about because I totally would have told my doctor I had five kids by age 21 if it would have meant I could have been fixed. But they have ways of telling whether or not that is actually the case. Stupid medical science.

      I had the Essure procedure done to me because it was the least invasive tubal ligation – just coils and scars, no cutting. It was also awesome. I am very proud of my technologically advanced lady bits!

      But when you CAN afford it and are old enough to make these really tough decisions (rolling my eyes, here), I highly recommend both the Essure for anti-pregnancy and then NovaSure for anti-period. Because, really, why have periods if you aren’t going to have babies? And yours are as horrific as mine were, so keep those things away!

  5. Brita L

    I just had my Novasure procedure done 6 days ago, and so far, so good! I have had heavy periods for the last, um, FOREVER, and they have gotten worse over the last few years. My awesome doctor (yes, I would go toe to toe with you over whose is better here 🙂 ) talked to me about this 18 months ago at my annual visit. I scheduled it, then read about it, freaked out, and cancelled. Went back to see him in October (I don’t know what annual means, either) and the topic was brought up again. I told him about all the horror stories I read. He assured me that Novasure is NOT for everyone, but knowing that I was fibroid/tumor/cyst/polyp-free (results from tests performed 18 months ago when we originally scheduled the procedure), and my primary concern was the amount of blood that ran down my legs each month, he felt that I was a great candidate. I was still gun shy, so we decided to try the hormonal route first…BCP. I waited for my period to start so I could take my first pill…I was actually excited! Finally, the first spot appeared, and I broke speed records to get to the packet, pop out the pill, and get it into my system. Next day…bleeding picked up….and DIDN’T STOP. It continued, and was different that any normal period I had had. Wait, I thought it was supposed to be lighter…shorter…better. WHAT? Called Doc, they called in Lysteda. Said if nothing changed in 24 hours, I was to come in. Guess what? No change. Heavy, and I was on day 12. (I’m a 5-6 day girl, always). Called and got in that morning. He did a biopsy (had to do it twice since the first attempt at a sample resulted in no tissue since there was so much blood) and started me on Provera immediately to get the bleeding to slow down. (Povera helped slow it down, but I never did completely stop bleeding for the last 2 months. TWO MONTHS!) Then, he brought up the Novasure option again. After bleeding all over the exam table in the 30 mins I was there, I was totally open for this discussion. SIGN ME UP! And that’s what we did. I was scheduled for my ultrasound (to confirm that no fibroids or cysts or anything else had developed in the last 18 months), and procedure. Went in for pre-op this last Dec 20, and had the procedure performed in his office Dec 26th. My experience sounded pretty much like yours (Too much vicodin caused my blood pressure to drop to low and stay low, so they couldn’t let me leave for a while. I hate that stuff so much, and avoid taking it at all costs…but I was scared, so I gave in when they handed me TWO pills. Ugh. Lesson learned.) and I do not regret this decision at all! I only wish I had done it 18 months ago!
    I am now waiting for my microwaved insides to start coming out. I have the pink mucus-y discharge, but only need a pantyliner. Most of what I see is on the toilet paper. I have NO idea when I might have a period due, since I was on Provera for 6 weeks and stopped taking it only two days before my insides were killed. But I am looking forward to finding out how my future will look. Of course, no bleeding would be ideal, but I would consider any reduction a success!
    Thank you for telling your story, and for including the details along with the timeline! It was not only entertaining to read, but so informative. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your POSITIVE experience. There are so many horror stories that scared me away initially. I wish more people would sing the praises of this amazing procedure. 🙂

    • Woah! Your I-nearly-bled-to-death story is just as bad, if not worse, than most of the I-hate-Novasure stories I’ve read! That is some ghastly bloodbathness right there! 🙂
      I am excited to hear your Novasure experience has been successful, thus far, and I hope you are also one of the lucky ones who gets rewarded with no periods again ever! Enjoy the chunks of uterus that fall out; they’re endlessly interesting. Well, ok, maybe not to everyone, I tend to be weird that way. Regardless, I hope you heal quickly and with great success.
      Thank you for reading my post and I am thrilled to know it helped!
      I’d love it if you’d keep me updated!
      Good luck!

    • jbc

      I’m so relieved to hear the positive stories about Novasure – I was on line today researching Novasure. This was after I had an ultrasound, uterine biopsy and blood test performed this morning as a result of excessive bleeding last night. Don’t mean to be gross, but flooding the bed through a super tampon and maxi pad after using for only two hours is just awful! I’ve always had a heavy period, but the last 4 to 5 months have gotten progressively worse, to the point where it is truly debilitating to my daily life. I can’t go on the pill because I have high blood pressure and am medicated for that, don’t want to the do the hormone IUD (already did that a few years ago, and it was a failure for me), so I was running out of options. We have three children and my husband has been fixed, so more children are not at issue for us.
      Anyway, I wanted to thank you for reassuring me that the procedure can be such a success for someone who is not cancerous, pre-cancerous, or has fibroids or any other issue that might complicate the procedure. (My doctor went through them all with me and said I would be a very good candidate, provided the biopsy and the blood test that were done today come back normal.) So, in the next week or so, after we get those results, I will hopefully be scheduling my Novasure procedure!
      Thank you again for sharing your personal story – it certainly helps women like me be reassured about going forward with a procedure like this.

      • JBC, thank you for commenting and I am so sorry it’s taken me such a long time to reply.
        SO! Have you had the chance to look further into the NovaSure procedure? Does it look like it will be a good fit? Have you already scheduled it??

        I know it doesn’t always work and doesn’t work the same on every woman but I do hope it is a viable option for you and that it makes your life easier.

        Thank you, as well, for letting me know that this post has been helpful. It makes me sad to think all the scary posts are keeping women from at least just inquiring about something so easy that could potentially make a huge difference with bad periods.

  6. Clo

    Thank you for your posts. I had the radio wave novasure 13th January. My bleeding has been minimal, slight camps but no period so far. I’m still have discharge like the end of a period but the last couple of days I’ve had the ‘toilet tissue’ looking lumps coming out. I have been panicking like mad wondering what the heck was going on, but it seems from your post this is normal! I’m not sure how long it lasts but I can’t wait for it all to stop!
    Good luck to you all x

    • Yay! Clo! I am thrilled to hear this is working for you, so far! And, yeah, the gross (fascinating) lumps were completely normal. Othrewise, how are things coming along?
      I’m glad I could help with my graphic stories. 🙂
      I apologize for not commenting sooner; WordPress and I are not getting along so well in the comments department lately. Grr.
      Good luck in your continued healing and if you have a chance, let me know how it’s going!

  7. Tanya

    I had a hysteroscopy, d&c and novasure under general yesterday at 11.30am, on the way home by 1.30pm 🙂 cramping sorted by co-codamols and rest, hardly any discharge, feel great today just tired am hoping it continues this way. Great to read success stories instead of horror stories 🙂

  8. Frankie

    I’m schedule for NovaSure next Tuesday. Like all of you, I’ve got the bleeding horror stories. I haven’t had much of a summer since I spent a lot of it needing to be near the bathroom. I’m 52 and I was worried, but reading all of your comments here is helping me. I’m hoping I get some support someplace because I would like to go through the process with women who have also been through this and well, I now have a better expectation of what will happen thanks to you.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Frankie!
      I hope your NovaSure procedure has worked like a charm. I know there isn’t a whole lot of positive information out there and what is available is pretty well buried on the internet. I’m glad we could all help ease your worry!

  9. DONA


    • I’m not there, yet. I’m at a year and a half. However, I do still have days where I spot lightly so it’s probably not inconceivable that there will be light periods in my future.
      Anyone else have experience with bleeding 2+ years after NovaSure?

  10. Chinessa

    Thanks so much for your post. I just had the procedure done 2 weeks ago and so far i am a-ok. I do have a question that they failed to answer or that i was to woozy from the anesthesia to ask. How long was it before you could have sex? Seems that I remember my doctor saying 6 weeks but the discharge paperwork says 2 weeks. What did they tell you???

    • Hi, Chinessa! Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Let’s see…I think the doctor told me to hold off on sex for four weeks for sure, but six to eight weeks would be better, depending on how I was feeling and whether or not there was bleeding, pain, anything weird going on, etc.
      You can always call your doctor’s office and ask, too. They’ll be more than happy to help you out.

  11. Sharon

    I am scheduled to have the NovaSure procedure done next week and have spent WAY TO MUCH TIME “researching” results! (The Internet is not your friend when you are a bit nervous). So…THANK YOU for being real! I totally appreciate your complete honesty! I’m not a shy person so politeness often is not my gift😂. My Dr told me that there is only a 15% chance that my monthly flooding will end. Only lighten….anything is better than a full hysterectomy!

    • Good luck!
      Mine still hasn’t returned and it’s been 2+ years. But I would have been just has happy with a normal period, as opposed to the bloodbath I had been experiencing.
      I hope you get results that work for you and that make you happy! Because when this thing works, it is AWESOME!

  12. valdoria

    Hi. I had my novasure on June 5th. I was supposed to have a myosure and D&C because I had three fibroids, 1 inside and 2 outside on top like mickey mouse ears. I gave consent to novasure also in case they noticed something odd that required it and trusted my doctor. Apparently the 1 large 5 cm fibroid on the inside was not in the cavity but instead in the uterine wall. So they went ahead and removed a polyp and did the novasure to hope that it would alleviate my flooding, gushing heavy periods. The three weeks after, I have watery red discharge that was light, using panty liners was ok unless I got upset or excercised too much and then it was a wee bit heavier. The pain after surgery was minimal and I felt better than before the surgery. I started my period on June 26th and ended today June 30. It was about half of what my normal periods typically are meaning much less blood. The 3rd day, my heaviest, I went through three pads in the day. No clots like normal. However, the cramps were probably a bit worse than normal especially when considering the lower back pain which seemed pretty intense. Right now I am working on holistically healing those other three fibroids and hoping that the bleeding lessens or at least never gets worse… and the pain gets better. Its too soon to tell but for now, it seems like a success.

    • This is mostly good to hear (not the part about the cramps – hopefully, that was just your body being all angry at having to bleed while healing) and I hope you continue to see improvement.
      Thank you for sharing your experience!

  13. Freaking out in NH

    I know this is an older post but ill give it a shot. I’m scheduled to have this procedure on Wednesday 10.28.15. Reading all the reviews I’ve found. I’m not sure what’s worse ,living 4 days a month in the bathroom or the potential of constant pain,bleeding for umpteen weeks,foul odors or all the other wonderful ,joyous gifts I’ve been scaring myself with reading. I’m ready to run away as fast as I can. Yikes ! Don’t know whether I’ll actually go through with it or not ,but I appreciate your honest,in depth review.Unlike the horror stories I can’t stop reading .

    • Do you have the option to talking to your doctor further? It sounds like you’re not quite sold on this procedure. Do you know anyone who has had it, personally?
      I’m still doing great. I’ve had spotting a few times and I still have a little PMS, mostly being emotional and food cravings, but it’s nothing compared to what it was.
      I’m sorry the horror stories have invaded your brain space. You don’t have to go through with it right now if you’re uncomfortable but if you do decide to have the procedure, I wish you the best of luck and hope you reap all the benefits!

      • Freaking out in NH

        This is actually the third time it has been scheduled . After my youngest was born who is now 6 1/2 and a year ago. But starting a new job next month and thought best to get this done and out of way before then. I will be way to busy to be running to the bathroom every 10 minutes and will be wearing scrubs again. Not the best outfit for heavy flow. Nope !
        Any who,had the procedure done on Weds as scheduled. I was really scared,but all went quickly and well. They do it here in the hospital in day surgery,which I think is probably best .just to be safe. They also do the Hysterscopy,and D and C BEFORE the Novasure. Apparently I had a conversation with them about Elephants while I was coming out…LOL. No idea where that came from.
        Only minimal cramping right after. Maybe a three or four on pain scale. Small amount of blood when I got up right after. No blood since ,just watery discharge. Panty liner has been sufficient. The worst was my 40 minute ride home where I got the nausea and cold sweats. Went right to bed,slept a few hours and woke up feeling great . I have been fine since . No pain , cramping or bleeding at all.
        I am told at 2 week post op. appt they will dilate cervix and check everything.Also for optimal results if you can schedule it right after a period your lining is the thinnest.However I know that by the time some women get this procedure they have breakthrough bleeding all month long. I am hoping this will be the start of better days ahead. I am 46 so if regrowth or reoccurance happens hopefully ill be in the beginnings of menopause by then.
        Disclaimer: Please note this is only an explanation of my experience ,with my healthcare professionals and do not claim this for everyone. I am only 2 days out at this point and have no ideas what the coming months will bring.
        I will say reading all the negative reviews was not good for my mental prep for this procedure that’s for sure. I am glad I found an honest ,in depth review right before.
        Thank you.

  14. Frankie M.

    Hello. I posted here before I got my NovaSure. I was at the 1 year mark in August 2015 and doing great, no periods. I will tell you that at the year mark, my doctor ran some bloodwork and I’m in menopause and I hardly notice it. Hope it helps someone else like it helped me.

    • Frankie! Thank you for coming back and reporting on your progress!
      So this can help with menopause, too?
      This is great news! I should be starting in a few years; now I’m excited to find out if I have an easier time of it than the rest of the women in my family!

  15. RKS

    I’m scheduled to have novasure in a little over a week. I was very nervous after reading many horror stories online but am happy I found a positive, and recent, post such as yours. I’m hoping this procedure works as well for me as it did you. However I do have some fibroids which the doctor felt were small enough to proceed. I’m hoping she’s correct. I’m having procedure done right in her office!! I’m looking forward to lighter periods, none would be super bonus 😃 but, I have been battling them for over a year and a half!! I’m hoping to get my life back. Update to come later …

    • Hi, RKS!
      I’m glad everyone here could help ease your worries a bit. I also hope you have a good experience with Novasure. It sounds like you’re in good hands with your doctor and that she’s confident it will help so that’s a strong step in the right direction.
      Good luck!

      • RKS

        Well, I did it, I had my novasure ablation four days ago! Not sure how I’m feeling yet about it. Dr. did a light D&C as well. There wasn’t much pain more like a heavy pressure during the “cooking ” time. I’m still having some bleeding, cramps and nausea when I eat. Hoping all of this goes away soon. I do have to say the bleeding is not as heavy and no large clots anymore! I may have overdone it the days following procedure … Maybe that’s why the bleeding yet? Or is it still healing effects maybe?

        • Congratulations on your newly cleaned uterus!

          I was nauseated for a bit from the leftover drugs in my system and I do remember my doctor telling me that if I didn’t keep calm and stay put for a couple of days after the procedure, I’d heal more slowly, which may have meant bleed more?
          But yours don’t sound like weird symptoms. Did your doctor give you a list of reasons to worry, like, “If you’re still bleeding after five days, call our office”? If so, are any of your symptoms on that list?

          I hope you heal up quickly and that everything was a success!

          • RKS

            I was not given any kind of “call us if … list”. I did ask the doctor about any restrictions and she told me there were none! Just said to contact them if heavy bleeding (going through a pad in an hour or less) returns. Well it has been one month since my novasure and at this point I am happy that I had it done! I get some spotting once in awhile yet but seems to be after exerting myself more than usual. I think I may have had a period? Not sure because it was a little spotting for five days and then gone. Way better than life prior to novasure!!

            • I had very few restrictions. No heavy lifting for, like, 72 hours, or something and a few “Call us ifs”
              It may have become even easier in this technologically-advanced age. 🙂

              I’m happy to hear it’s working for you and I agree: WAY better life than prior to Novasure!

  16. GS

    I’m scheduled for my Novasure procedure at he end of next month. I’m glad to stumble upon this page as it is putting me more at ease. I’m still nervous but think it’s time and the procedure to get done. I’ve had ridiculous painful and long periods since starting at 13 and now I’m 51. Only relief was when I was on the pill or pregnant. I had my second 40 days of constant bleeding episode a few months ago and that was the straw that broke the proverbial back. I still have a smidge of doubt as I am not bleeding currently but I know Aunt Flo is circling the neighborhood. Not sure why women dread menopause. I can’t wait. I hope the Novasure procedure goes well for me.

  17. I’m having novasure done next Thursday and I’m excited and nervous at the same time . Any pain after surgery . What else should I expect . Lauren .

    • RKS

      Hello Lauren. Curious on how your ablation process has worked for you? Hope it’s going good.

    • RKS

      Curious as to how your procedure went Lauren … Hope it went well. I’m glad I had procedure, however, I am not one of them that periods discontinued for. But not bleeding everyday anymore like I did for a year plus prior to novasure.

      • Lauren

        Mine didn’t go very well but surging did a d&c and it seems to be helping . My doctor found out that I have a small uterus so he couldn’t do nova sure on me . Disappointed but I’m being good about it . Hope theirs other options for me .

  18. Prelly

    I’m having Novasure done 01/19/2016. I come on my period every 2 weeks for 8 days and it is ruining my life! My doctor agreed that that is too frequent so she recommended bc or another iud which I said absolutely not because my body didn’t respond well to the iud, and my mental state was suffering from bc pills! We discussed Novasure and I decided that I wanted to give it a try. I had a tranvaginal ultrasound in Dec. to try and pinpoint what was causing my frequent periods and it turned out that it is hormonal! No fibroids, cysts, or polyps! I’m only 33 so it seems strange to me that I’m having hormonal issues already! Does anyone know if this procedure works better in patients who do not have fibroids, etc. I’m really hoping that I have a success story to tell after this is done!

  19. Rose

    Im planning to do it next month. Any suggestion about the anesthesia?

    • Lauren

      They gave me some type of sleep Medicean before I went in the operation room and then gave me some more and I was out of it for a while .

  20. Hi ladies. I hope you have all enjoyed a healthy recovery from your novasure. For me, its been about 9 months so far since the procedure. To briefly summarize. The pain wasn’t too difficult at all, in fact I felt better than with a typical period with cramps. I did go under anesthesia and may I advise that you must drink a LOT of water after surgery, sip sip sip sip and continue to keep your body hydrated. I didn’t do this as well as I should have and had a protruding external hemorrhoid that when I called the doctor, I was advised to try to poke it back in when I am in the shower (continue each shower and hope one day it stays put). I cannot recall if it was a month or two before that finally resolved, I eventually forgot about it, and it is fine now.

    Also, before the surgery, weeks before, I would recommend taking a magnesium supplement to keep the colon moving smoothly and keep the muscles more flexible. Do not take supplements within 48 hours of surgery.

    Lastly, please try to deep breathe and not stress. It is a short procedure, you will be as good as gold. If you stress, those crazy stress hormones will cause some havoc so remember to relax, sit 5-10 minutes each day before and after surgery and just deep breathe, count your breaths and trust that you are going to be just fine.

    My progress after 9 months has had a few tougher periods which I am guessing the body is healing from those 3rd degree burns inside. I am either more used to these or they have lessened by now. Also, I did have at the 6 month mark 2 period in a month, but again, I think the body is just adjusting. My doctor says that I may be in the beginning stages of menopause which she also endured 2 periods a month the 10 years before her official menopause started – advising this is normal.

    Best of luck to you all. Please remember one last note, the body recovers best when it has all of the nutrients and minerals to give it the elements it needs to heal. Be sure to eat healthy, lots of green veggies, drink lots of pure water (no fluorine and chlorine) and take a quality multi vitamin and mineral. I use a couple that I like, Drucker Labs, Intramax and MegaFoods multi.

  21. RKS

    So how is everyone doing after your procedure? Mine been almost six months. Although, not bleeding everyday … Still get period once a month, sometimes twice … Grrr…. And spotting in between a lot of days. I’m not sure if this is considered “normal” and still healing or if I should be concerned??? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks and have a great day everyone.

  22. RKS

    Hmmm. Guess everyone is busy with summertime fun!!

  23. Jen

    Hi I had nova sure done in February this year … after years of pain bleeding and hiding away durung ‘that time ‘ I now feel free !! I last bled the week before my procedure … since then nothing !! One thing I will comment on is the time immediately after the procedure … I chose a local anaesthetic and boy that did disagree !!! I was violently sick several times after and experienced pain compared only to labour …. however the recovery following that was good it took around 5 days to feel human and now I have not looked back !!

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