Welcome to February

Well, hi there!

So this isn’t one of the posts I’ve got simmering in the hopper, it’s a freshly-written bit that I didn’t know I was going to write until just now.

It’s February! I hate this month! I always have. It’s dreary, cold, and the holiday I most resent pops up on the 14th; it’s just a bad month for me.

This year, February started out snowy for much of the nation.

This is a mostly-common sight right now except for maybe the blue sky. But it’s all snow, all the time, all over the nation right now. Yay.

I started the month with the flu. Not a stomach bug, but the flu that kills old people and children and is mentioned alongside the term “epidemic” in history books. Yeah, that flu. Because February can always get worse.

But you know what? It hasn’t been that bad. The snow kept me inside and we had a fire going so I could huddle near it when I had chills. We have a dog visiting for the month, perhaps one who will come stay with us for good come spring. It’s nice to have a dog in the house again; I still miss Daisy something fierce but this new guy is funny and keeps me active…even though active is the very last thing I need right now.

Gabe’s been taking fantastic care of me. The first night I was sick, he went out to get me food and whiskey (he got me Fireball for the extra burn)(if you’re wondering why I needed whiskey, it’s because I don’t like Nyquil so I made hot toddies – whiskey, fresh-squeezed lemon, honey all mixed together in hot water – to help with the cough and sore throat and the luxury of sleep) In a flash of brilliance, he also got me a video game. He came home and told me it was like I had a penis. I was all, “What? Where’d I get a penis?” He answered, “This is typically the kind of stuff you get a guy, not your sick wife.”

Good husband. Gooood husband!

The video game – Final Fantasy XIV – turned out to be more help than all the whiskey and cold/flu pills combined (don’t combine those, actually) See, my aches and pains and issues with breathing made it so I couldn’t lie in my bed for hours on end, asleep, like I normally do when I’m ill. I was uncomfortable in bed, on the couch, out in the snow with the dog, I was uncomfortable anywhere but in a chair that made me sit upright. I was still uncomfortable there but at least my ribs didn’t hurt when I breathed. But this video game, it made all the difference because it was a huge distraction. During my waking hours, I could sit there and steer a little person around, doing things, seeing things, hearing things, not noticing that my ears were so full of pressure that I got a stabbing pain when I swallowed.

Gabe already had the game and he rolled up a new character so we could play together; it’s like we went back to our origins. Anyhow, there’s a cat-like race and we made a couple of those, naming them Toki and Evie. Yes. We made our cats so we could play them in an online video game. This is how we roll.

This is what Evie and Toki would like like if they were cat + people. No, really, they totally would.

But thank goodness we do because I’m not sure how I’d have survived the past week without Gabe’s care-taking abilities, but, more importantly, his forethought.

I went to the doctor yesterday. My flu was on its way out but had decided to leave me with a sinus infection and upper respiratory infection. I’m on antibiotics and am taking decongestants and expectorants and things are getting better. I’m even going to go back to work (unless I get snowed in) which is good news.

So it’s February, my least-loved month. It started out with snow and the flu but you know what? It’s been a better February than most so … welcome to the second month of 2014!

Coming up later: stories about nose hair, what I’ve been doing since I’ve last posted, and more! Stay tuned!


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5 responses to “Welcome to February

  1. I’m glad you’re doing better! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been hiding, my darling; now I know. Also, in addition to being medicine, Fireball is wonderful to cook with, if you have some leftover. Tell me about FFXIV, because I haven’t played any of them since X. ❤

    • What do you make out of Fireball when cooking? Desserts? Main dishes? Pirates? Well, all alcohol makes pirates, right?

      SO. FFXIV.
      I haven’t played any of the previous FF games so I can’t compare/contrast (Gabe can, though. Maybe he’ll see this comment and give his assessment) This one, as you know, is an MMO so lots of people running around, some with particularly awful names, some with surprising costumes, but they’re not obnoxious like in some games, so that’s nice.
      I’m enjoying it, so far, but, as always, there’s grinding and running back and forth to the same places/people to get your stuff done and that does become repetitive. Not many MMOs can get away with not doing that, though, at least not that I’ve noticed.
      It’s very pretty and making little people to play is fun. The character generator is not as robust as, say, City of Heroes (costumes GALORE!) or Star Wars Galaxies but there are enough options that not everyone looks identical. WoW has a big problem with that – everyone looks exactly the same, there’s very little customization.

      When it all comes down to it, though, I am not sure this one will hold my interest any longer than most others have. It’s easy to play solo right now but I imagine there will be areas where you need a group in order to get to your goal. Warhammer Online was like that, as was GuildWars, and that was a huge hindrance to play enjoyment.

      I don’t love it like I love WoW. It’s not quite as panoramic and I don’t feel like I am “in” that world. I don’t dream about it (I got Noelle and her kids hooked on WoW a few years back and within a week, they were dreaming of being there) However, I am enjoying it for now, far more than I’ve liked anything else that’s come out.

      The next one we’ve got our eyes on is WildStar (http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/#page1) which, at this point, looks user-friendly, highly customizable, and geared toward both the exploration-type player as well as the hardcore gamer. We’ll see what that one brings.

  2. Welcome back! I’ve been away too, not blogging or even reading blogs, but my distraction of choice has been Instagram. >click, crop, post.< I don't seem to have the attention span for writing at the moment! Glad you're feeling better and less… putrescent… PS your cats are kick arse virtual warriors! That's a sentence you don't write every day.

    • Haha! Instagram. It makes me thankful I don’t have a mobile device with a camera because who needs yet another online addiction?

      Oh! Putrescent is one of my favorite words! Well done!!

      It is true that both Toki and Evie are totally kickass online. It is just as true that I had never encountered that particular sentence in my life.

      You know…Instagram is like blogging…you should just transfer the images over to here and then caption them and vi-oh-lah! Instant blog post!

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