I have a little onion, it grows within its bed

Guess what?

After a season of psychotic weather, there is hope.
And by “hope,” I mean “plants are coming forth despite the craziness going on around them” and not “the weather might get better soon.”
I’m not stupid.

Egyptian walking onion

Behold! The harbinger of spring: my Egyptian Walking Onion, aka topsetting onion – read more about them here: http://www.egyptianwalkingonion.com/ – is pushing up through the snow, uncaring that it keeps dipping down into the subzeroes, scoffing at the 20 pounds of precip piling up on it every week. It is ready to be green and nothing will stop it!

And look! Down amongst the deadness, sprigs of Greek Oregano burst forth. Even if summer never comes, I will have oregano to season my meals.


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3 responses to “I have a little onion, it grows within its bed

  1. I’ve had some plants (chives, garlic) that reproduced the same way but they did not look as cool. How does the taste compare to regular garlic?

    • To regular onion, you mean? It’s like a very mild, pleasing green onion. You can eat the bulbs but they’re sort of pithy. However, the greens and the seeds are delicious in pretty much everything, offering just a touch of oniony flavor.
      However, they create some nasty breath.
      You know what? I haven’t checked to see if the garlic is coming up. I’ll bet it is! Yay for babies!

  2. Damn those are some bloody hard core vegies! We’ve had temperature extremes at the other end of the scale, and my tomatoes, watermelons and zucchini are also doing surprisingly well. My marigolds however have been torched by the constant blazing sun – they’ve literally turned to dust. 😦

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