About this blog

This is the page of ACHTUNG!s and the reasons you may wish to proceed with caution. I don’t (proceed with caution, I mean) but you might want to and here’s why:

-I rate my own blog PG-13 for mild language and potentially very crude humor. I don’t swear, cuss, curse, use “blue language” often but it does come out. And I freaking LOVE talking about bodily functions. Also, I call body parts by their common terms, genitalia included, because using cute names for some body parts but not others doesn’t feel consistent to me. And you’d think that wouldn’t be so, what with my love of euphemisms and all…but it is.

-Someone will always be offended. It happens in real life, it will happen here, too. If you find yourself constantly offended here, you’re most likely in the wrong place.

-I am usually not very serious. I will give you fair warning if I plan to be serious. Otherwise, pretend everything is tongue-in-cheek or full of joie de vivre or childlike glee or something.

-I do not understand triggers (I understand the ones on guns and crossbows and stuff. I just don’t understand the ones that go along with bad feelings. I mean I GET that there ARE triggers, I just don’t know what IS a trigger) and I will rarely, if ever, give trigger warnings because I just don’t realize I should; I’m a bit slow that way. Please be advised that this place could always be dangerous territory.


2 responses to “About this blog

  1. lol I love the honesty…I don’t offend easily. Glad to find your blog.

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