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The Wonderful World of Being Bipolar!

I want to share Gabe’s post from today. I think it explains some of why we are the couple we are…you know, evil.

Gabriel's House of Fun!

Something special today!

The Clown Auditorium

Note – I am not a doctor and I am stating my opinion of what I have.  This should not be taken as hard fact nor should you Web MD it.  Talk to an actual physician or psychiatrist if you would like to know more – End note.

Seven years ago I was diagnosed Bipolar type II.  This is the lighter more manageable version.
Instead of manic depression I get manic, then depressed, and occasionally both.  I do not however have the worst thing about type I which is suicide although it can happen to type II’s.
A horrible thing about Bipolar? It’s different for everyone affected so it’s very hard to treat.  After seven years I’m still not that far out the gate of getting better.

Friends and family have asked so what is it like so let me tell you…  It sucks!  There is good…

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