I want to marry Peggy Carter AND be her, too.

Marvel has done something – yes, I’m going to say it – Marvelous.

Agent Carter.

Agent Carter

Comic book stories are big again, which is both wonderful and miserable. Comic books are fun, imaginative, and let us be bigger than we are for a little while. However, they’re also trite, rife with racism, sexism, genderism, and many other social ills, and they make for some sucky movies.

Of course, there is the manga/anime craze and indie graphic novels are becoming TV shows  and films, but the biggest two providers of comic book entertainment are DC and Marvel.

From where I’m sitting, I see Marvel pulling ahead and creating an exciting, dynamic, and often family-friendly multiverse. This latter part is important because it allows grown up comic book geeks to share something they love with their children. DC? They’re making poor decisions, which is a shame because their characters are generally better known, or, at least, always have been. That’s probably about to change.

I’ve got a passing familiarity with the comic worlds and I would have considered myself a DC girl but only because I’ve had their Big 3 in my sights since I was a tot. I mean, I grew up watching Superfriends. I had a Wonder Woman doll and coveted my cousin’s Batman doll. The Flash was my imaginary friend for a long time. It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I learned about Marvel via Spider-Man and then, later, X-Men. DC has always been on my radar whereas Marvel was just out there, wandering around, sometimes in my line of sight and mostly not.

Now Marvel belongs to Disney and Disney owns ABC and they’re putting everything together to create one big story using the same actors and storylines across the board, from TV to movies to the comic books. That’s seriously cool, especially for A-Types like me who love continuity and consistency.

Disney has employed its legendary magic on Marvel, that’s for sure. They’ve got all these giant movies with big names that bring in lotsa bucks every summer. While I’m neither a Hulk nor Thor fan (yes, of course I love Loki. How can you not love Loki? That smirky face, his flippy hair, the irresistably cute evilness), I do enjoy Iron Man and Captain America and I loved the Avengers. I’ve seen most of the movies and we’ve started watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well.

But Agent Carter is something special. The show is a bridge. Marvel has given us, the not comic geeks, a gift that will bring us into the fold (or at least, make us hate the fold less), handing over someone to love from the ground up. Peggy Carter is merely a blip in the comic world, not fully introduced until the first Captain America movie. According to Gabe, who is a comic book geek, The Cap has been known to date one Sharon Carter (the blonde “neighbor” in Winter Soldier is named Sharon, as Gabe likes to point out all the freaking time) but there has never been a real Peggy Carter…until now.

Marvel made her for us. And us = women who aren’t steeped in the Marvel universe lore.

Agent Carter 2

There is so much to love about this woman.

First, she’s classy and wears fantastic shoes.

Peggy Carter 2

Second, and more important, she’s a normal woman. She’s not all wispy and willowy or Jillian Michaels buff. She’s not even blonde (not that blonde is abnormal) She’s a standard woman and who is really good at her job and happens to be pretty. She’s relatable. She could be someone we know, she could be our co-worker, neighbor, or friend. She could be me. (No, not really. I’m making a point, not being delusional)

In addition, she kicks ass. Seriously, she’s a scrapper when beating up or outsmarting the bad (and good!) guys and she does it in such a zingy way, I feel safer walking to my car at night. To see a normal woman beat the crap out of a man’s face with a stapler, it kind of makes me feel like, yeah, I really could fight for myself if I had to. She makes me feel stronger by showing me what a smart, confident, capable woman looks like.

Peggy Carter 3

But she’s not a robot, she’s not the cold, calculating agent. She has feelings. She cries when her friend is shot. She faces hard choices and agonizes over the possible outcomes. She is frustrated by the narrow-mindedness she faces at work and the sexism she sees directed toward her female friends. She has a heart, she’s compassionate, and she wants to do all the right things to make the world a good place. She’s not just Steve Roger’s widowed girlfriend, she is Captain America, herself, with good shoes and a dash of soft snark.

But the best thing about Peggy Carter? She’s mine. She didn’t belong to someone else, first. She doesn’t have an origin story that the comic book readers know and I don’t; she was merely a bit character in the background of a few issues. Gabe and I are on ground level with her, we both have to learn her together and I don’t have to hear all his Marvel knowlege regarding this character and that device and the other thing, too. Yes, there are those little Easter eggs, some of them tying into the comics and some to the movies, but they’re minor. The story, Peggy and her team, they are beginners and we’re all starting down this road together.

Yeah, I’m a fan.

Marvel’s been doing a great job with women, much better than DC. I like the current iteration of Black Widow. She’s awesome.

Black Widow

I really love Melinda May. She is phenomenal and I wish I were that tough and that I had her quintessential superhero stance.

Melinda May

Sidenote: My favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. baddie is also a woman. And if she’s not all villainous anymore, don’t tell me. I haven’t made it to Season 2, yet.


But my most-favorite Marvel hero? It’s Agent Margaret “Peggy” Carter. I love her so much, I might just start reading comics again.

Peggy Carter 1

Marvel? I need merchandise. I have money for all your Agent Carter gear. Get on that, ok?


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15 responses to “I want to marry Peggy Carter AND be her, too.

  1. Thordis Niela Simonsen

    I did not know that you are a comic book buff. 🙂

    I hope you are thriving. Hope to see you one of these days/

    All my very best, Thprdis


    • Oh, I’m not a comic book buff, not by a long shot. But I am enjoying what Marvel’s been doing recently!

      It’s good to hear from you! I’ve been getting recent updates from your Facebook page and maybe your mailing list? But I haven’t taken the time to read anything because I am soooo lazy right now.

  2. I have much love for Agent Carter. She is smoking hot and I’m not talking about looks. I will thrown in a hubba hubba! but strong, smart, and independent? She is simply awesome and it’s so nice and refreshing to see such a good female role model in a world that has been lacking severely in this concept.

    • She is totally the best! I wish we would have had someone like this when we were kids. Not that Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman wasn’t awesome – she was! And I love her still, but, Peggy? She’s amazing.

  3. Racheal

    Ok, you’ve convinced me! I will start watching this now!

    • Yes! Do! Or, well, I guess you’ll have to wait for it to come out on DVD or Netflix, now – the little season just ended on Tuesday. It was a filler for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. break.

  4. Yeah, between Natasha and Peggy, Peggy might just moved ahead….But it doesn’t matter, they are both awesome, and I hope that this is just a start. Marvel has gotten better and better in writing the female characters in each movie.

    • They ARE awesome! It’s wonderful to see female heroes being given screen time, being allowed to be tough and strong, and not having to wear skimpy outfits so that we think it’s their bodies that are worthwhile instead of their abilities! I’m just really impressed with Marvel and I hope they continue to introduce well-rounded, fully-characterized, diverse heroines.

  5. I’m STILL catching up on Agents of Shield season 1 and I can’t wait to start watching this too! I am so stoked this character got a spinoff, she made a huge impression on me in The First Avenger. It really is awesome to see more real women out there kicking all sorts of arse. YAY Marvel!

    • When the show was announced, Gabe said to me, “Hey, you know Captain America’s girlfriend?” and I said, “Is this a joke?” and he said, “No. Remember Captain America’s girlfriend from the first movie? You really really liked her?” and I said, “Oh, yeah! I know who you’re talking about.” He rolled his eyes at me like I’m the one with troubles communicating and then he told me, “She’s getting her own mini-series” and I peed my pants with excitement.
      Because, like you said: YAY, Marvel!!

      Do you LOVE Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? I can’t wait for season 2 to show up on Netflix! I feel so bereft having no heroes to watch. Well, I mean, we can go back to Arrow and start on The Flash, but…that’s more like soap opera fare.

  6. I do love Agents of Shield – I just KNEW Phil couldn’t be dead!!!
    I agree with you about Arrow and Flash; I enjoy the effects but that’s about it, the writing is kinda juvenile. I think the Flash actor is great though, and the guy who plays his foster dad, from Law and Order. They make it watchable for me.

    • Haha! I watch the DC shows because of the cheese factor and because I love hating Laurel (I loathe her)
      I agree that the Flash kid is adorable and I would totally bite his little face!
      But, yeah, in comparison? They’re bad cartoons compared to what Marvel’s putting out!

    • It’s the CWness of those shows which don’t work. Great for those who like the style, but nothing puts me off faster of a show than love triangles and useless melodrama. I used to watch Arrow, but when the CWness became too much for me, plus, they killed off half of my favourite characters, I dropped the show for good.

  7. normalfornorfolkblog

    Argh, I was totally loving this until you described Jillian Michaels as buff & then I went all girly meat head & was like “WTF?? Cha!! as if……” Dana Linn Bailey, now THAT is buff…but anywho yeah, great post! Also, can you imagine going to a fancy dress party as Peggy Carter?? It’d be the most comfortable costume eveh!!!

    • Hahaha! I put Jillian in there just to torment you.
      Ok, that’s not true. We just have a lot (a LOT) of her videos at the library so she came readily to mind.
      I will Google Dana Linn Bailey. Probably my eyes will go agog.

      Man, I couldn’t pull off Peggy Carter at a fancy dress party. I have no class!

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