WoW – what a love story

Gabe and I started dating in the Undercity.
That is 100% true, though our dating wasn’t intentional. We were pretending to just be friends and told everyone who would listen (as well as those who wouldn’t) that we were only pals. He was spoken for and I was still recovering from a previous relationship so, obviously, nothing could possibly be going on.
Even so, we’d get on our computers every day after work, load up our little undead people, and play World of Warcraft together for hours on end. Then we added weekends, too. And since it was winter, snow days. We were spending pretty much every free moment together in a world that doesn’t really exist.
I’m pretty self-aware most of the time (well, sometimes, at least); you’d think I’d have figured out what was going on but denial can be such a good ally. It convinced me that I was just pal-ing around with my buddy all the freakin’ time and there was no reason for concern.
Gabe got me into his guild so our dates were usually chaperoned; we’d go on raids or they’d all take me down to an area that had monsters that were ten jillion times bigger than I and they’d see how long they could keep me alive. It was a fun game, but everything there was fun because I was with Gabe. Then Valentine’s Day showed up and we could get moonlight and rose petals and one night in late February, Gabe and I sat talking in petals and moonlight for hours. It was just the two of us. Near a mausoleum. Romantic.

Dancing in the moonlight

This is what our dates looked like. Romantic, right?

Then Gabe’s relationship really did come to an end and I’m sure I was the straw that wrecked that camel’s home – well, me and World of Warcraft, at least.  I started avoiding Gabe when I played WoW, either playing on a different server or rolling up characters he didn’t know or playing when I knew he wasn’t there.  Then I just stopped talking to him altogether because I engage in very healthy behaviors.
About 3 weeks later, I got an e-mail from Gabe. He said his relationship was over and he had found a place to live which was, coincidentally, right down the road from where I lived. I told him that it was nice to hear he was taking an interest in his life and when things settled down, he should give me a call.
He called me on March 31st, having just spent the day moving into his rented room. He said he’d like to meet me for dinner and catch up. We met at a Chinese restaurant in the area that we called the House of Food because it had no apparent name. We talked. We talked until the House of Food closed. We went to my place and we talked some more and it got late and we went to bed (that is not a euphemism) because we weren’t done talking. We laid in bed, and chatted some more (also not a euphemism) and around 3:00 am on April 1st, Gabe gave me the best kiss I’ve ever had in my life and we decided we should start dating in the real world.
Two and a half years later, we were married and some of the people from our guild were at the wedding, which was important because they had been so supportive of my home-wrecking ways and our scandalous meetings in the Undercity. I guess they saw what had been there the entire time and were probably pretty frustrated that it took us so long to see it, too.

I think we were sitting in the coffin shop area of the Undercity because we like to do things right.

I think we were sitting in the coffin shop area of the Undercity because we like to do things right.

We totally owed them free food and drink and wedding cake, at the very least.
Not too long ago, Gabe found some of the screenshots he took of our interactions from back when we were playing as friends. All I have to say is that I am apparently very powerful when it comes to denial because looking at those now? Holy hell, I am surprised I wasn’t given a red “A” to stick on my chest. The flirting and ridiculousness is so blatant! My poor guildmates.

Today is the first day of April. This post is not an April Fool’s Day joke (well, other than the trickery of putting up a post on an unscheduled day AND not being mean to Gabe)
Also, it is probably the only time I will ever say anything nice to Gabe here, but: I’m really glad you invited me to play with you in Azeroth, Gabe, and that I got to know you as someone more than just a guy I’d hung out with two Sundays a month for eight years. Happy It-All-Started-Today Anniversary.
Now if I could only find a way to really make you into a rotty little corpse…


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20 responses to “WoW – what a love story

  1. abrielolive

    I love you Cupcake! so so much that I will not try to kill you today.
    Thank you for being my adventure-mate ❤

  2. Susan

    I am thinking that the comments section of this blog needs to be rated NC-17…you guys need to keep it clean.

    • Dude, that’s pretty personal, but fine, we’ll take a shower first. Thanks for being concerned about our hygiene.
      Also, murder via food and sex has been downgraded to PG-13. I think 50 Shades of Grey is responsible for that. And this blog is already PG-13 so I am in compliance with my own law. My made-up law. Well, the whole rating system is made up law because it’s not law so, that makes me doubly compliant.
      Stop questioning me.

      • Susan

        It’s my job to question you. I also think it is interesting that you didn’t jump on the “I can’t believe that you are censoring me…you are a librarian thing.” I am all about NC-17 posts…if you use the name Ian Somerhalder in place of Gabe. No offense Gabe.

        • Yeah, but defending my right to say whatever I want on my blog and not be questioned by people who are supposed to be concerned with my liberties to do so = not funny. So, really, why would I even go there?
          And I don’t know about the whole Ian Somerhalder thing. I mean, it would be sort of ickyweird if I were running around telling people I was considering murdering Ian Somerhalder via sex and food on my 7 year couple anniversary with Gabe. I mean, I guess it could be seen as a sort of sacrifice…Ian Somerhalder would be the scapegoat, as it were, taking Gabe’s place on the altar of murderiness but it still seems weird. Especially if I find out there really is an Ian Somerhalder living nearby. I’m not even going to Google that name because I don’t want to know.

          • susan

            Google the name…right now. Google image search it. If you want to really have a good day, image search “ian somerhalder shirtless”

  3. caine2000

    This same exact thing happened to me except after two months into our relationship I realized she was an NPC because she only seemed interested in hanging out when I was drunk and/or working on a specific quest line.

  4. Very cute story! And I think it’s awesome that you still have screenshots of those “friend” days…so special.

    • You say “special”, I say “hoarders” and we’ll all call it good. At least they’re on the computer and not in a shoebox on a shelf, right?

  5. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! That’s….. probably how my husband wishes we met. Gamers!

    • I AM NOT A GAMER!!! RAAAAARRRR <–my ferocious noise of defiance.
      But you can totally let your husband swipe this story to impress his friends. He should just put your name where mine would be and you'll have to remember to nod enthusiastically and yell, "For the HORDE!" and some point and it will be very believable. Maybe for your anniversary you can do that? You know, like, go out to dinner and tell this story to your server with you guys in the lead roles? That would be romantic. You can even borrow the screenshots and put them on your phone for added believability.

  6. Tyler J. Yoder

    This whole story is adorably geeky and I really wish that I had video of I wedding I just worked, because you would have died via squeeing and also because of jealousy. Which are obviously not as great as death via sex or food, but I think that they’re pretty nifty.

    • What did they do at the wedding you worked? Were they dressed as night elves? Was the cake super awesome? TELL ME!

      • Tyler J. Yoder

        The wedding really wasn’t pinterest worthy, or anything like that. However, the bride’s best friend from high school officiated (I was only on the decorating/planning crew) and the ceremony itself referenced every aspect of geekery that you could care to name. Go on – if you name something, I will tell you the reference he made to it in the ceremony. If I can remember.

  7. I know a little something about meeting my love on-line. Knows no boundaries, except what you put up as a magical barrier. That’s awesome!

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